Intro. to Websites, URLs and Keywords Auto-Tagging Tool System


- Learn more about how ZhuTag can help increasing traffic and gather statistics of keywords for your website.

About ZhuTag Auto-Tagging Tool System:

ZhuTag provides your website a piece of ZhuTag JavaScript Code which you can embedded it into (all) pages that you like to generate related keyword tags for those pages.

ZhuTag can bring advantages for your website:

1. Let you know what keywords brought users from search engines to your website or brought users to one particular page on your website.

2. ZhuTag can increase your website traffic by redirect users from ZhuTag to your website through keyword tags.

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To join ZhuTag is simple

, following three steps:
  1. Register an account
  2. After Log In, you can see "submit website list" . After entering the list click "Submit Website" button to fill out application.
  3. After clicking "apply" button, you will get a piece of JavaScript code. You need to paste the code to all the HTML pages that you want to track and auto-generating tags on your website, click "verify my site now!” button and then wait for manually auditing result.

Website submission detailed steps illustrated

. (you can refer this section when you have problem on doing website submission or mail us your question.)
  1. Still do not have a ZhuTag account? Create one right now!

  2. Login ZhuTag
    • After your account are verified(from email),you can see login page at Account tab (only who not yet login will see this page.):
    • login ZhuTag

  3. Find Submit Website button or hyperlink

  4. Submit Website Step1: Fill Application
    • You need provide basic information about your website, including: Site URL, Title and Description:
    • submit website application
    • Site: your website domain name(URL).
    • What you filled in "Title" and "Description" will be shown at a website introduction page dedicated for your website which created by ZhuTag. These two fields also could be changed anytime, but we suggest you do not change it frequently, that can help search engine optimization (SEO) result for your website.

  5. Submit Website Step2: Put Verification Code
    • After finish step1 and click "Apply" button, you will go to step2 and get JavaScript code for your website:
    • Put Verification Code
    • You need copy JavaScript Code and paste to all the HTML pages that you want to track and auto-generating tags on your website.
    • We suggest you put the code to the end of HTML pages but 『in the front of "</body>" HTML tag』.
    • put verification code before </body>

  6. Submit Website Step3: Verify Website
    • When you finish to put the JavaScript code to your website then go to ZhuTag and click button: "JS code is put in my pages. Verify my site now!" button.
    • JS code is put in my pages. Verify my site now!
    • ATTENTION:The JavaScript code should not only put in the INDEX page of your website, your should put it to all pages that you want to track and auto-generating tags due to ZhuTag auto-tagging mechanism will only work on pages that including JS code.(It's good to put JS code to all html pages.(in the front of "</body>" HTML tag) on your website.)
    • If you didn't do it correctly, you will see following failed notice:
    • Failed to verify register website
    • If you meet this case, open a browser(IE/Firefox/Chrome) for your webiste and click mouse right button on browser and view the source code to make sure you have put JS code correctly in the front of "</body>" HTML tag.

  7. Submit Website Step4: Waiting For Manually Auditing Result
    • If you pass the verification, it will show:
    • successfully verify website submission
    • Please be patient for waiting the manually auditing result.
    • For verified website「Submit Website List」will show:
    • verified website

  8. Submit Website Step5: Manually Auditing Approved
    • For approved website「 The Submit Website List 」will show:
    • approved website
    • Congratulations! ZhuTag will start to generate tags and create pages for your website.

  9. Submit Website Step5: Manually Auditing Rejected
    • For rejected website「The Submit Website List」will show:
    • rejected website
    • The rejected reason will show in red dialog box, please try to correct it and apply again.
    • Click "Get the JavaScript code" button can get the JS code for your website.

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